SUP course for children

Course Description

The SUP course for children is designed to introduce children to sport while having fun. During the course we will try to teach the fundamentals of sport through games that allow you to learn the various aspects of the discipline while having fun.

It is recommended, whenever possible, that children are in the company of a friend as it will be possible for us to do couple exercises that increase their interest and enjoyment. If the child is alone, a parent must be present during the first lesson.

Safety is fundamental in our SUP courses for children. For this reason, life jacket and ankle strap are always mandatory and the course is held in a safe and secure environment.

Not included

SUP course contents

The course lasts three hours and is divided into three training modules.

  • The history of the SUP
  • We know the equipment you use
  • We learn to paddle ashore.
  • We learn the correct posture on the board
  • We learn to turn and go straight.
  • Kneeling and standing paddling technique.
  • How to get back on the board
  • Games for balance
  • Walk on the board
  • Slalom between the buoys
  • Small hike if the group can handle it
  • Race between children
  • Exercises in technique and balance

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We work hard to become one of the best schools in Italy and we believe in this project. We do our best to offer a quality service, but if we do not live up to your expectations the only payment we will require will be your advice on how to improve us.

SUP lesson prices for children

Lessons include a maximum of three students per instructor to ensure maximum attention to the student.
We organize our agenda trying to guarantee an instructor for each student, if this is not possible you will be notified and we will propose alternative times. If you are a family or a group it will be possible to organize a group lesson at discounted prices.


  • Prices are intended per person
  • Board, paddle, safety lanyard and life jacket included in the price.
  • Maximum 4 people per instructor.

* It is necessary to be registered with the company to attend courses and excursions.
The cost of the card is € 5, it includes insurance and lasts until the end of the calendar year.

Additional services

We have created a list of additional services that we find useful or that are often requested of us.

Complete your course as you prefer.

Foto ricordo corso sup lago di garda

Memory picture

Immortalize this epic experience and share it with your friends. If you like, we will take some photos for you.


Video Analysis

We will film you and analyze your technique together to help you better understand how to improve yourself.

€ 30

Practice makes perfect

Practice what you have learned. Buy 5 rentals at the special price reserved for students and club members.

€ 40


We have courses suitable for every level and need. We also create tailor-made programs to help you reach your goals in the best way. Write to us for your personalized program.

For those who want to try SUP safely and understand if it is the right sport for them.

For experienced paddlers who want to progress and perfect their technique.

Stimulate the body and mind with the bilingual Italian / English SUP course. Learn SUP and English.



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