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In our center in San Felice del Benaco on Lake Garda it is possible to rent SUP boards all year round. The sup boards available for rental are inflatable of high quality, safe and performing.

Over thirty SUP boards are available for hire in the center to choose from eight different models, suitable for every build and level. We have wide all-round SUPs suitable for beginners as well as long and fast race boards. Our boards are produced by Jbay, an Italian company that guarantees high quality products and fast assistance.

We have tested dozens of brands over the years and we can guarantee you that the quality of the boards we have chosen is high. We also have hard boards which are however only available to club members.

"All you need to have fun is your body, a little water and a good board..."

Paddling Academy

At the academy you will find always new and quality boards, paddles and jackets. A wide range of products to experiment, understand and learn how to choose the right board for your needs.

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SUP rental prices in San Felice del Benaco

SUP board rent includes all the necessary safety equipment to use the board safely.


  • Prices are intended per board
  • Board, paddle, dry bag, safety lanyard and life jacket included in the price
  • The Tandem board is for 2 people and includes 1 board and double equipment
  • Family discounts available
  • Discounts for Benaco Paddlers Club members

* The use of the safety leash is mandatory.

SUP rental on Lake Garda for several days

Rent a SUP on Lake Garda for several days and enjoy a stress-free holiday of sport and fun.

noleggio sup con consegna a domicilio Lago di garda


  • Prices are intended per board
  • Board, paddle, dry bag, safety lanyard and life jacket included in the price
  • Carry bag and pump included
  • Low season discounts available
  • Discounts for Benaco Paddlers Club members

* The use of the safety leash is mandatory.


From boards for beginners, to touring for those who love to cover long distances up to easy race boards for those who are approaching the world of competitions and want to train.
Rent your SUP equipped with all safety devices.

T2 trend

Length: 9.6 “
Width: 35 “
Thickness: 6 “

All-round inflatable SUP board, with rounded nose, very stable and easy to maneuver. The ideal board for beginners who approach sports and need a board that facilitates balance and allows you to turn easily. Suitable for carrying dogs.

D3 Delta

Length: 11.6 ”
Width: 32 ”
Thickness: 6 “0

Simple inflatable touring SUP board. Suitable for those who are progressing and who want a board that offers stability and directionality. Board slightly more difficult to tack than the T2 Trend, but it goes straighter and faster. Ideal for relaxing medium-length trips.

TD Delta

Length: 12.6 ”
Width: 30 ”
Thickness: 6 “

Inflatable touring SUP board ideal for medium / long trips. A SUP that keeps its course well and is able to tackle even rough waters. A good choice for those who want a board that goes straight and is not too slow, without sacrificing stability.

Y2 Wave

Length: 8.2 ”
Width: 30.5 ”
Thickness: 4

Inflatable, short and agile Wave SUP Board is a board that was created for paddle surfing but which is also perfect for children under 12 thanks to its extreme maneuverability. SUP also suitable for adults who want to try some waves or try some “acrobatics”.

CJ1 Rush

Length: 10.6 ”
Width: 27
Thickness: 6 “0

Inflatable SUP race board for children. SUP suitable for children who want to train in Stand Up Paddle competitions. Narrow and fast, it is a good board to test yourself with. Also suitable for adults who want to train balance, thanks to the reduced volume.

tavola sup race noleggio principianti garda

CJ4 Rush

Length: 14 ”
Width: 28 ”
Thickness: 6 “

Inflatable SUP race board ideal for those who want to get closer to competitions. A fast SUP for your trips or to train in the technique of paddling race. A not too demanding board, the 28 “in width make it stable and the 14 ‘in length fast and directional.



We promote sport and its values within the community with a focus on young people.

Let’s make our kids live the lake.

still undecided?

100% Soddisfatti o rimborsati

Couldn’t we get you to stand on the board? Didn’t you like the lesson? Was the equipment not of quality or well maintained? Don’t worry!

We work to become one of the best schools in Italy and we believe in what we are doing. We do our best to offer you the best and if we do not live up to your expectations the only payment we require is your advice on how to improve.


Frequent questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions regarding our SUP rental on Lake Garda. If you do not find the answer, do not hesitate to use the form below to contact us.

No course or licence is required to hire a SUP on Lake Garda.

Responding to the question, however, we say it is 100% useful and we are not saying this just to sell courses but because we deeply believe that a good technique and knowledge of the risks and potential of the sport allows one to fully enjoy what SUP can give.

Better technique means doing more km with less effort, being able to reach more distant locations, having more fun, seeing more things, knowing how to face difficulties and pushing yourself beyond your limits without taking unnecessary risks.

So ok to rent the board, but understanding how to use it correctly will be an investment you won’t regret …

If you have never gone SUP, we recommend starting with a simple board like the T2 trend. Slow but stable and easy to turn. If it’s not the first outing but you don’t feel very stable yet, we recommend the D3 Delta instead, stable but faster and more directional.

If, on the other hand, you have no balance problems and want to enjoy the excursion, the TD Delta touring is the classic fast board, not too unstable and that does not require continuous course corrections. For those who want to go fast and train, we recommend renting the SUP race CJ14 Rush, fast and directional but not too extreme.

It is possible to rent the SUP board from 7 years old if accompanied by an adult. From 14 to 18 years it is possible to rent without an adult companion but remaining close to the beach and under the control of an adult who is responsible for it.

In some cases it is possible to obtain discounts for large groups. These must be agreed in advance by contacting us by mail or telephone.



We are at your disposal, for any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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